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Planning Your Engagement Session | Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Yay! You picked a wedding date and booked your venue and photographer. These are some of the toughest decisions when planning your wedding. But now its time for the fun to begin....your engagement session! This session is a great way to get to know your wedding photographer more and be confident in front of the camera on your wedding day. It can be intimidating having your photos taken, but that is why I am providing a checklist to help prepare for your day!

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When to take your engagement session photos

If you are planning to use your images for your save the dates, I suggest planning your session 8-10 months in advance (these go out around 6-8 months before the wedding). Think about the different seasons that you would prefer. From cherry blossoms, lavender fields, summer beaches, peony fields, fall foliage to botanical gardens there are so many options in Wisconsin!

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Choosing a location

Make it personal. I am a true believer in telling your story in a way that is meaningful to the two of you, so choose a location that is unique and special to you! No place is too far, no adventure too great. It could be where you proposed or where you first met. Consider locations that tell a story or have special meaning.

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What to wear

Choosing an outfit for your engagement session can be challenging, but that's why I am here to give you some tips to help you out! Consider the location that you will be choosing and select two coordinated looks. If you are doing your session at a floral garden then a soft toned colored attire might work best. For beach sessions, I recommend wearing neutral colors or pastel. I even include a women's wardrobe for my clients! Visit here to find inspiration on pairing outfits, color palettes and general styling: What to Wear.

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What to bring along

Whether your passion is traveling, sailing, or you want to include your pup, props can enhance the session and feel more personal. Bring a bottle of your favorite wine or beer. You can bring along something from the proposal that may have special meaning to you. I also offer the option to have a picnic add on for a stress-free set up! Experience some of your favorite foods, wine, and flowers together on your engagement session. 

couple sipping wine on white blanket at beach

Schedule a hair and makeup appointment

Hair and makeup is just as important as your wardrobe choices. You will want to have a hair and makeup trial with your hair and makeup artists prior to your wedding day, so why not get all glammed up the day of your session? I also have a hair and makeup artist that can come to your home to do your hair and makeup before your session!

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Get your nails done

Having a fresh manicure makes a difference! It helps you feel more confident when showing off that ring for photos and allows me to get gorgeous up close shots of your ring! This is a great time to test out the color and design you would like for your wedding day!

couple holding hands with engagement ring

Clean your ring

Getting that rock cleaned so its nice and sparkly will make your images really pop! Rings photograph much better and appear more sharp in photos when they are cleaned. You can either soak your ring at home in some warm soapy water or you can take it to your jeweler for a cleaning!

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Make it a date night!

​You are already dressed up and have the night to enjoy, so why not make a date night out of it? Engagement sessions typically take one hour for one location, so schedule a dinner reservation for the two of you to celebrate after your session!



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