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A Cozy In-Home Newborn Session | Green Bay Newborn Photographer

Spring is a busy time for newborn sessions! Many sweet babies being born around this time. Documenting your little one during their first few weeks of life is such an honor. During this stage of their life everything is new. In just a few weeks they are already changing. Newborn sessions allow your little bundle of joy's moments frozen in time to cherish for years to come!

When I first arrive to a home, I take a walk around to find the best rooms with natural light. I found their living room and the nursery had large windows and light walls that provided a great amount of soft and even lighting.

I will then start with babies solo portraits, since they are usually sleepy and mom is finishing up getting her hair and makeup done. I wrap baby in a neutral colored wrap selected by mom and ask if there are any props they would like included. Sometimes its a little stuffed animal crocheted by a grandparent, or their name on a wooden keepsake.

In this case we had their daughter Kennedy come and join us for some of the sweetest sibling moments. Seeing Kennedy interested in her new little brother was adorable. These tangible memories between the two siblings will be cherished forever!

swaddled sleeping baby in basket

a wrapped sleeping newborn

little girl with newborn baby in basket

little girl kissing baby

family sitting on couch with newborn and little girl

little girl holding wrapped baby

family sitting on couch with kids and dogs

family sitting on couch with kids

little girl in white jumper pointing out window

little girl in white jumpsuit next to window

family with little girl and baby in nursery

mother and father holding newborn in nursery

mother in blue dress holding newborn in nursery

mother holding baby in mirror reflection

mother and father holding baby and little girl

newborn baby in white onesie

mother in blue dress holding baby

mother father and daughter looking at baby in crib

baby laying crib

mother feeding baby with toddler in nursery

mother laying on bed with baby



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