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4 Tips For a Successful Newborn Session | Plan Your Newborn Session | Green Bay Motherhood Photographer

As an expecting mom myself, planning for the arrival of your baby is fun, exciting and can be overwhelming. From nesting a space in your home for your little one to purchasing all of the baby products you need, hiring a newborn photographer might be the last thing on your mind. The following tips are to make it easier for you to plan your newborn session!

baby girl in sage bow swaddled in moses basket

baby yawning in moses basket

Tip 1) Consider your little newborn's age.

Newborn sessions are typically captured 1-2 weeks after birth. This is the time when your baby is the sleepiest. Some moms may need a little more time to heal and get used to their new schedule with their baby, so booking your session at 2-3 weeks might make more sense for you!

mother and father holding newborn with puppy

mother holding baby girl in nursery chair

mother holding baby with sage bow

Tip 2) Choose your location.

In-home sessions are great for newborns as they are familiar with the space and can feel more comfortable for them. If you're thinking of doing an in-home session keep in mind that you would need a room or two with plenty of space and natural light. The outdoors are one of my favorite locations to shoot. From cherry blossoms, open fields, the beach, and the fall leaves, there are many different locations to choose from. I also have a light and airy studio downtown Green bay as an option that provides natural light!

mother and father with foreheads together holding baby on bed

mother and father looking at each other on bed

mother and father holding baby

Tip 3) Planning and booking your session.

Plan to book your session 1-2 months before your babies due date. This will guarantee you a spot on the calendar! Keep your wardrobe simple. Neutrals and soft tones work great to not distract from your baby who is the spotlight! I offer plenty of wardrobe options to help easy the stress of shopping for yourself. I also have the option to bring along my hair and makeup artist to glam you up. So you can just relax during the beginning of your session while I capture some solo portraits of your baby!

father kissing baby on forehead

mother and father sitting on bench with puppy and newborn

Tip 4) Feed baby right before your session.

There will be plenty of time for breaks if baby needs another feeding or a diaper change. Keep in mind that your baby is in control of the session, so don't stress if baby is feeling a bit restless. Turning up the heat in your home for in-home sessions is best to keep your little one comfortable.

mother sitting on bench with puppy and newborn

baby in lace dress in basket with puppy

The most important thing to note during your newborn session is to be in the moment and enjoy your baby's session! Soak in all the beautiful moments and enjoy it because your baby is finally here!



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